Producing wholesale hardy nursery stock pot liners

We are a family run wholesale nursery located on the west coast of Argyll, Scotland. For 38 years we have been propagating and wholesaling a wide range of hardy nursery stock as pot liners.


Our range includes shrubs, climbers, bamboos, Rhododendrons and Azaleas and perennials including Gentians.

Since the beginning of 2020 the majority of our plants have been potted in peat-free compost. The exception being ericaceous plants which had a proportion of peat in the compost. As of 2021 all of our new potting will be in peat-free compost - providing the supply of compost is maintained. 

Please note we are wholesale only from this site. During the spring and summer months a range of our plants are offered for sale to the public at the Loch Melfort Hotel Plant Centre, Arduaine, Argyll.


Our range

Our range may be considered a bit quirky as we set virtually no limits on what we will grow, as long as it fits reasonably into our production and marketing schedule, is garden worthy, and there is some demand for it.

We are always interested to hear from our customers about plants they are having trouble finding or plants they would like to be propagated.

Much of our production is grown to order therefore the numbers appearing on our surplus lists are relatively low. if you are interested in us supplying larger numbers on a regular basis please get in touch.